4/18/2022 in Blog, News & Media, NFHA News

Virtual Briefing: Redlining Toolkit

April 18th, 2022

On Thursday, April 14th, the National Fair Housing Alliance hosted a Virtual Briefing on the new “Redlining Toolkit.” NFHA’s comprehensive Redlining Toolkit is designed to empower advocates, lenders, government entities, journalists, scholars, and researchers to take action to ensure fair access to credit. The identification of redlining risk and violations is critically important to build homeownership and close the racial wealth gap. In America, homeownership is the key to financial stability as well as other opportunities, such as home equity for college education, home repairs, medical bills, small business loan collateral, or retirement. Homeownership plays a central role in the economic security of the American consumer. We believe that the Redlining Toolkit will provide a roadmap for those who want to promote racial equity for creditworthy borrowers and communities throughout the nation.

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