Where You Live Matters

Where we live is more than just an address. That is because place is inextricably linked to opportunity: where we live determines our access to fresh air, clean water, well-resourced schools, healthcare facilities, reliable transportation, good jobs, quality internet service, and much more. It impacts our credit score, chances of attending college, health and educational outcomes, ability to buy a home; even our lifespan. In the U.S., too many people live in communities that are poorly resourced: places that may impede rather than promote their ability to thrive. The Fair Housing Act envisions a nation where everyone can live in a well-resourced community, with equitable access to the opportunities and community assets they need to thrive. The Act is one of our most powerful tools to eliminate a multitude of economic and societal barriers and create a flourishing, inclusive economy.

To understand the impact of place on so many of the aspects of our lives, we invite you to explore the interactive graphic below. Hover over any of the icons for an introduction to that topic’s connection to place and click on the outer edge of the circle for more details. This graphic will be updated over time, so come back often for the latest information on these topics.