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Inclusive Communities Fund

Our Goals

NFHA’s Inclusive Communities Fund reinvests settlement dollars in communities throughout the country with the following goals:



Empower individuals to access safe, sustainable housing of choice.


Create inclusive, well-resourced neighborhoods of opportunity.

Breaking Barriers

Address systemic barriers that limit equitable housing access and equitably resourced communities.


Impact by the Numbers

Total dollars committed
People who received financial or housing counseling
New homeowners
Affordable houses built
Vacant lots and green spaces revitalized
Foreclosures prevented
Impact since 2022

Mary and Roberto’s Homeownership Journey

Mary and Roberto aspired to buy a home in St. Paul, MN for their family of four children, but the down payment and closing costs posed difficult barriers. With a ICF grant from NFHA, Neighborhood Development Alliance was able to provide the funds that closed their savings gap.

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Jeanie’s Purple Garden Paradise

Jeanie Marks, the winner of Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Front Yard/Porch Gardening Challenge shares why she decided to participate, what inspired her garden design, and how the challenge brought her closer to her neighbors.

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Suan’s First Home

With the help of New Mexico-based nonprofit Homewise Inc., Suan received homebuyer counseling and downpayment assistance that allowed her to buy her first home just a block away from her sister, and hopes to invite her mother and nieces to live with her so that the family can live together.

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About the Inclusive Communities Fund

Fair housing enforcement actions may result in conciliations or settlements that require monetary relief to individuals or communities in addition to changes in policies or practices. These community relief funds have made it possible for the National Fair Housing Alliance to invest in communities that have been harmed by discriminatory practices through grants that go directly to families and into neighborhoods. These grants help re-stabilize neighborhoods that have been destabilized by discrimination and to expand housing choice for all people. They also help to shape neighborhoods that are more inclusive and to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods throughout the country.