Member Services

Join the fight to end housing discrimination. Become a member of NFHA.

The National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) is a consortium of more than 200 private, non-profit fair housing organizations, state and local civil rights agencies, and individuals from throughout the United States. You can join the fight to end housing discrimination and expand equal housing opportunities throughout America by becoming a member of NFHA.  We have three membership levels which are described below.

Individual Membership

Anyone can become a member of NFHA. Your membership helps to support NFHA’s programs and enables us to provide assistance to victims of discrimination.  Your membership also allows NFHA to advance public policy initiatives that expand equal housing opportunities for everyone in America.

Supporting Membership

Supporting Membership is available to any organization, agency, commission, law firm, university, or corporation wanting to support NFHA’s work.  Becoming a Supporting Member of NFHA is an important step your organization can take to help advance fair housing goals.  Contact us to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Supporting Member.

Contact Sherrill Frost-Brown at to become a Supporting Member of NFHA.

Operating Membership

Operating Membership is reserved for private, non-profit, full-service fair housing organizations providing direct services to victims of housing discrimination. To become an Operating Member, organizations will need to submit an application and provide supplemental materials to demonstrate compliance with Membership requirements.

Contact Sherrill Frost-Brown at to become an Operating Member of NFHA.