5/10/2017 in News & Media, NFHA News

Fair Housing: What You Need to Know Spring 2017 (Webinar Video)

Whether you are a fair housing practitioner, housing counselor, real estate agent or landlord, you need a working knowledge of the Fair Housing Act and recent advancements in the fair housing field to effectively do your job.
View this webinar, “Fair Housing: What You Need to Know.” Hear from Lisa Rice of the National Fair Housing Alliance and Racquel Russell, Zillow Group’s director of government relations, to learn the new lay of the land and better understand fair housing laws that affect you.

This webinar will cover:

  • The FHA basics
  • 4 recently expanded protections
  • Advertising best practices
  • Tenant policy do’s and don’ts
  • Resources for landlords

View webinar slideshow here.