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Keep Housing as Infrastructure in the Build Back Better Act

Pass the Build Back Better Act

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The House of Representatives has done its part to pass the Build Back Better Act (BBBA), which includes nearly $170 billion for direct and tax-related housing and community development funding, the largest investment in equitable, affordable rental housing and homeownership assistance in U.S. history. However, the Senate has failed to secure enough votes to do its part and pass the BBBA.

Protect Renters from Eviction

Extend the Eviction Moratorium

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President Biden recently stated publicly that his administration does not plan to extend the federal eviction moratorium, which expires July 31, 2021. He claimed that recent court decisions suggest that they cannot act alone, and that Congress needs to pass a bill in order to extend the moratorium. That’s why we need your help!

Rep. Maxine Waters just introduced the Protecting Renters from Evictions Act of 2021 to extend the moratorium, but she doesn’t yet have enough votes to advance the bill. We urge you to contact your members of Congress using the link below and tell them to support this extremely important piece of legislation.

Without action, millions of Americans, including many essential workers, will face eviction at a time when our communities are increasingly threatened by COVID-19’s Delta variant. Join the National Fair Housing Alliance in calling for an extension of the much-needed federal eviction moratorium. Please tell your Senators and Representatives to support Rep. Waters’ Protecting Renters from Evictions Act!

Support Key Housing Measures in the Reconciliation Bill

Support Key Measures

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The Senate failed to include key housing legislation in its recently passed infrastructure bill, but the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package currently in the works is another opportunity to meaningfully address housing inequality in this country. We must ensure that this once-in-a-generation investment is distributed in an equitable manner that creates opportunity for all people. Funds must be used to reverse our country’s history of racial exclusion and remediate the systems that supported it.

That involves investing in rental housing that’s affordable to all, investing in the federal government and its partners’ capacity to enforce the public’s fair housing and lending rights, and ensuring that local economies benefit from the financial boons to housing production and rehabilitation that will occur through this reconciliation package. The Downpayment Toward Equity Act is THE bill that will start to break the pattern of racial exclusion and increase access to homeownership for people of color.

Congress must put its focus on expanding racial equity and access to homeownership. Please help us remind lawmakers that taking these steps, which center equity, will benefit the entire economy.