Privacy, Technology, and Fair Housing – A Case for Corporate and Regulatory Action

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What would you do if you discovered that your application for a mortgage or a rental unit was rejected—and that the denial was due to discrimination? You could, if motivated, appeal the decision with the bank or landlord, file a complaint with your local fair housing center, or hire an attorney to seek a remedy through the legal system. Eventually, though, such efforts would come down to whether or not you could prove that you were denied housing, credit, or a housing-related service because of a protected aspect of your identity such as race or gender. This could include information about whether the housing provider has a history of disproportionately screening out members of a certain group or groups in violation of the Fair Housing Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, or another anti-discrimination law.

Increasingly, however, there is not a person making that decision, but an algorithm. Read more.