1/25/2024 in ICF Testimonials

Accessibility Projects for Mr. N

“He is so much happier and more comfortable. It means a lot to our three young kids and me to see his spirits lifted.”

Mr. N’s wife and caretaker

Mr. N has a degree in kinesiology and is the strength and conditioning coach for a professional rugby team based in Glendale, CO. He has a passion for coaching and is very good at it. He was a semi-professional rugby player himself until he was diagnosed with ALS and osteoarthritis in both hips. He has had to undergo a total hip replacement and continues to use a walker, and will likely soon need to use a wheelchair or power chair.

The home modifications funded by NFHA have improved Mr. N’s mobility around his house in ways that have truly, as his family wrote, “lifted his spirits.” The modifications have made traveling to his medical appointments much easier for him physically (which have made them better experiences for him overall), ensured that he has the confidence, appearance, and access necessary to continue coaching and interacting with the sport he loves, and facilitated his wife’s ability to be the primary caretaker not only for him but for their family of 3 children and 4 pets, while working a full time job.

The projects included: a ramp connecting the house to Mr. N’s favorite sun room, widening doorways in the house that would enable him to use a wheelchair or powerchair, ADA-accessible shower, toilet, and bidet, and a touch sink faucet.

These modifications allow Mr. N to lead a more comfortable daily life, thereby greatly improving both his physical and mental health. They will also help him to be able to continue working for as long as he is able and permitted. His wife is happy to see him able to spend more time with their young kids (ages 3, 7, and 9) inside and outside the home, as well as get out to spend time with friends and family.