Listen to New Podcast on Sexual Harassment in Housing

Learn more about sexual harassment in housing situations with our Safe at Home Podcast.  The Fair Housing Act can help you!

The Safe at Home Podcast captures first person accounts of three women who experienced sexual harassment and eventually were able to find help and put a stop to it.  These courageous women had three things in common besides being victims of sexual harassment:  they thought they were the only ones; they did not know they could do something about it; and they decided to speak out on the issue so other women would not have to experience it.  The podcast demonstrates that women in these situations are not alone, that the Fair Housing Act is a tool women can use to put a stop to this pernicious behavior, and that fair housing organizations, HUD, and the Department of Justice can help them, at no cost.  The podcast was produced by the National Fair Housing Alliance and The CauseWay Agency under a Fair Housing Initiatives Program grant from HUD.

The Safe at Home podcast is approximately 50 minutes. In addition, shorter installments of each woman’s story are available. The podcasts are accessible across all podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Click here to listen.