5/17/2021 in Print & Online Coverage

Is 2021 the YIMBY Movement’s Time to Shine on Capitol Hill? (Reason)

The YIMBY movement isn’t quite a high-density household name yet. But its focus on peeling back government regulations on new development is starting to make a bipartisan splash on Capitol Hill.

Last week, Sens. Todd Young (R–Indiana) and Brian Schatz (D–Hawaii) reintroduced the Yes In My Backyard (YIMBY) Act, a law aimed at pruning back red tape in states and localities that receive certain federal housing grants. “Discriminatory local zoning and land use policies drive up housing costs in communities across America,” said Young in a press release. “My legislation will require cities, towns, and rural areas across America to face this reality under a new level of transparency and encourage them to cut these harmful regulations.”