Congratulations to the winning team of NFHA’s inaugural Tech Equity Hackathon!

The team members worked together to identify, quantify, and mitigate bias in an automated valuation model.

From Left to Right: Yoshi M. Bird, Jonathan Lawless of Bilt Rewards (award presenter), Qilin Tong, and Nicholas Bowen

2023 Tech Equity Hackathon

A three-day Tech Equity Hackathon this June in Washington, D.C. challenged students, recent college graduates, and others to develop innovative solutions to remove bias from the housing and lending sectors.

The National Fair Housing Alliance awarded $40,000 in cash prizes plus giveaways. Airfare, accommodations, meals, and ground transportation were provided at no cost to applicants who were selected to attend. The challenge was open to all residents in the U.S. and its territories.

About the Hackathon

Participants were divided into teams and worked on a problem statement that dealt with measuring and mitigating automated valuation model (AVM) bias.



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Logistical Details

Date and Location 

Date: June 16–18, 2023

City: Washington, D.C.

Location and Lodging: American University


A panel of experts served as judges for the hackathon. These experts judged all team entries based on pre-determined criteria established for the hackathon. 


1st Place Team: $25,000* 

2nd Place Team: $15,000* 

The event included workshops, giveaways, and networking opportunities. 
*=Per Team 

Panel of Judges

John Merrill
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Dominique Harrison
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Emmanuel Ogundimu
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Patrick Murck
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Workshop Hosts

Morgan Williams
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Stephen Hayes
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