Additional AFFH References

For Further Reference:

Department of Housing and Urban Development materials: final rule (and guidance), including rule preamble providing overview of AFFH caselaw and process of rule formulation.

Assessments of Fair Housing by City. Compilation of AFHs and AIs by Justin Steil, Assistant Professor at MIT.

“Talking about HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Regulations,” The Opportunity Agenda and National Fair Housing Alliance. Messaging guidance (from the AFFH Rule’s issuance in 2015).

Furthering Fair Housing,” The National Fair Housing Alliance website with resources regarding AFFH.

The Potential Cost to Public Engagement of the AFFH Delay, Furman Center at NYU. Research describing the benefits of the AFH as a template for public participation.

“Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: HUD Suspends AFFH Rule that was Delivering

Meaningful Civil Rights Progress,” by Justin Steil and Nicholas Kelly. Summary of research describing how the AFH process produced meaningful goals, in contrast to the past AI process.

2010 GAO Report describing deficiencies of the AI process.

Brief backgrounders (and other material) on the AFFH regulation.