The End of Redlining Starts With You: Report Lending Discrimination in Memphis, TN

Memphis is famous for the blues…and, unfortunately, for redlining.

Did you know that many banks used to draw red lines on maps around African American neighborhoods? This meant that they would not provide home mortgages in those communities. Banks don’t literally draw those red lines anymore, but redlining by some banks is alive and well in Memphis. Redlining is discrimination that hurts families and neighborhoods–and it’s illegal.

If you’ve been denied a mortgage on a house in an African-American neighborhood, you may be the victim of redlining. If you suspect discrimination, don’t take it. We’re the National Fair Housing Alliance. We’re fighting redlining, and we’ll fight for you. THE END OF REDLINING STARTS WITH YOU!

Call 202-898-1661 or 1-800-910-7315 if you suspect that you’ve experienced discrimination.

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