Breaking News: Disparate Impact

September 2020 Update

HUD released its final Disparate Impact rule, which will make it eminently harder to challenge systemic racism by housing providers, financial institutions, and insurance companies that deprive people of the services and opportunities they need. Read NFHA’s full statement here.

July 2020 Update

Top mortgage lenders and industry leaders have come out urging HUD to reconsider its proposed disparate impact rule. Click here to read a joint press release that includes links to industry leaders’ letters to HUD and quotes from civil rights organizations.


In August 2019, HUD published a proposed rule that will drastically weaken the use of Disparate Impact theory in fair housing cases. Disparate Impact is a long-standing critical tool used to prevent housing discrimination. More than 45,000 comments were submitted opposing the administration’s proposal to dismantle Disparate Impact under the Fair Housing Act before the October 18, 2019 deadline. Click here to learn more about what’s happening, and get important resources and updates about our ongoing campaign to #DefendCivilRights.

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