Individual Membership


Zip Codes Matter!

Where You Live Determines Your Life Outcomes!

JOIN NFHA to stop discrimination and ensure that Every Community is a Place of Opportunity!

Where you live determines –

  • Whether or not your children will graduate from high school or attend college.
  • How much income you will make.
  • The probability that you live in a food or credit desert.
  • Your chances of being stopped or arrested by the police and your likelihood of being incarcerated.
  • Whether you will have access to quality health services.

Help us fight the injustices that drive housing discrimination and inequities.  With your help, we can significantly reduce the over 4 million acts of housing discrimination that occur each year.  With your help, we can expand access to quality education, health, food, credit, transportation, and other important amenities that affect our quality of life.

*Your Individual Membership Contribution is Tax Deductible.

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