Protecting Homeownership From the Impact of COVID-19

May 25, 2021

During and after the Great Recession, almost eight million homeowners nationwide lost their homes to foreclosure. While vacant and abandoned homes blighted many neighborhoods throughout the country, tight access to credit locked many prospective owner-occupants out of the market. As a result, foreclosed properties were overwhelmingly sold to investors, and ultimately more than five million homes transitioned from owner-occupied to investor-owned rental homes. 

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Fair Housing Month Keynote Event Highlights | April 27, 2021 

May 17, 2021

As we reflect on the impacts of the fair housing movement, the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) hosted a virtual event featuring key expert perspectives on past fair housing actions how we should move forward to address longstanding and emerging issues.

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Using Special Purpose Credit Programs to Expand Equality

November 4, 2020

The COVID-19 health pandemic is the great revealer.  It has exposed, in harsh reality, deep-seated inequalities that exist in our country built on centuries of unjust practices and policies, lack of enforcement of civil rights laws, and structural racism.  People of color are disproportionately contracting and dying from the virus but they are also disproportionately experiencing housing eviction, overcrowding, and instability.  This is, to a large extent, the result of residential segregation and the wide wealth and homeownership gaps between Whites and people of color.  In fact, the Black-White homeownership rate gap, at a 30+ percentage point difference, is the largest it has been since 1890.[1]

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