Defend Civil Rights Comment Writing Party

Defend Civil Rights Comment Writing Party

October 13, 2019, 5:30-7:30 pm

2004 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue Southeast, Washington, DC 20020

The Trump administration wants to gut a crucial civil rights tool – and we must stop them! If you have wondered what you could do to stop Trump’s assault on civil and human rights, here is your chance to help. We need your voice and your pen! Trump wants to significantly weaken a major civil rights provision – the Disparate Impact Rule – that we have used for 50 years to combat insurance and lending redlining, algorithmic bias, and other forms of discrimination. The National Fair Housing Alliance and other civil rights organizations have launched a major campaign to fight back against Trump’s attacks. Our goal is to generate 100,000 comments in opposition to Trump’s plan and that’s where you come in. We will provide all the tools you need to write and submit your own comments. We need your help to make an impact. That’s why we are hosting this #DefendCivilRights Comment Writing Party. This is an event with a righteous cause – saving our communities, preserving Dr. King’s dream, and protecting our families.

Please come join us for some dope poetry performances featuring the DMV’s hottest poets; Kenneth Morrison, Meccamorphosis, Black Chakr, and Lady Brion. The one and only Pages Matam will host this event! The evening’s music will be provided by DJ Double A1K.

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